Tutorial Definitions Page

Below you will find the different definitions of the tutorials pages.

"ReVolt to the MAX" is a site put together and maintained by Cybinary. It is dedicated to editing tracks and items in 3D Studio Max (And other 3D modeling programs).
RV to the MAX

In this section of our tutorials you will find anything and everything about using the "MakeItGood" code in Re-Volt. This is a must for extreme track builders.
Make It Good

Every car in Re-Volt has a set of Parameters that governs how the car handles in the game. In this section we will show you what each of those lines in the Parameters.txt mean and do.

Zipping up your file is very important and the way you do it leaves a reflection on you. We will walk you through how to do it the accepted way in this section.

Before you release that track you just made, look over a few basic steps we outline here to make sure it's the best it can possibly be.
Track Design

Almost everything in Re-Volt uses textures. In this section we will teach you how to edit those textures and create your own.

Glue is a program made by Ali and it can do some AMAZING things if used properly. In this section will will teach you every aspect of how to use this utility to enhance you track to the limit.

mIRC is a program that most of the community uses to get together and chat about several different things. This is a basic little tutorial about how to use it and connect to our chat room.