The game is only as good as what you can put into it.

This will be a new web site dedicated to adding custom cars to todays hottest video games.

This is a temporary interface.
Links to several racing games and tips on how to edit for them will be here.
bear with us.... it will take some time

Below is a car made for Midtown Madness, completed but never released.



CADster   2001




The box method of car modeling in 3dsMAX is similar in Lightwave, Draw your outline with the Pen tool, placing your points in key locations then Extrude. Divide the shape into the desired segments by either cutting with the Knife tool or by setting the extrusion segments. Adjust sides to taste (typ.).



The next step involves a tool called Smooth Shift (an extrude/bevel/bend kinda tool) Use this to make bumpers and/or fender flares, hood scoops, etc.



Smooth Shift and Extrude are used to make the grill. If higher poly counts could be used, the windows would be recessed as well. The headlights are simple cylinders. Remember to delete any garbage (like polygons not seen).

(the color change are polygons with a different surface)



The front air dam is just some points moved around and adjusted to taste..



A"test" Triple, is a Lightwave thing, Triple the mesh and look at the results, if unhappy, Undo and use the Knife tool to cut the geometry up into more equal sections (add more around the fenders .. hehe). Do Point Reduction and/or Weld to kill any garbage. Make any other body adjustments now as well.

Now for the breakup, Pick the best looking side, dump the other (Delete), then Mirror the keeper (Weld points along centerline .... if applicable).



Now all that's left are the details. Adding a spoiler is a simple Extrusion with a cut here and there. The wiper is only a couple of triangles, the mirrors aren't much more, but these detail parts are important to the look of the car. The wheels (other than taking a horrible picture) is only a simple shape that the Loft command revolved into the desired shape.

That's about it for modeling. Textures are next.


This is a visual progress and simple tutorial showing how to make a low poly car using Lightwave for use in video games. This is not a Lightwave tutorial, If you would like to learn more about Lightwave do a search on the internet, One of the best sources is Flay, it can be found HERE .

For additional information, help, or inquires contact me.